The Company

We are a privately owned local shipping agency for international transportation, made by a professional staff of executives who are trained to offer the best alternatives and solutions to transport their goods, we are a logistics provider, able to fully meet the requirements of our customers.
Our commitment is to find and use the most efficient alternatives in the complex process of moving cargo, generate an optimal, reliable and quality service to play the role of facilitator in the international trade operations of our customers with the urgency and seriousness they deserve.



In the next two years to be recognized as the maritime agent that provides more reliability to its customers, managing to position our represented YANG MING LINE within the first 10 places of participation in  the containerized cargo transportation in traffic that our shipping line offers in Colombia.


Providing shipping agency services in Colombia, to meet the needs of our represented principals and customers in foreign international trade operations, based on the principles of honesty, innovation, social responsibility and teamwork, generating returns income for partners and shareholders of the company.



Quality and security policy

In Rolco Shipping S.A.S. We are committed to the development of the Maritime Agency service in Colombia, which generates value to interested parties, providing reliable, safe and timely services. Committed to compliance with the requirements applicable to the integral management system, current legal regulations and integrity of our processes and all those international agreements signed by our representative.

To achieve this, in Rolco Shipping we have a select team, technological infrastructure, high level of responsibility, implementation of methodologies aimed at risk management such as money laundering, corruption, bribery, terrorist financing and proliferation of weapons of destruction. massive.

We train, motivate and provide the necessary resources to strengthen the commitment to continuous improvement of our comprehensive management system, support for strategic management, thus achieving the satisfaction of our customers and meeting organizational objectives.