Scope of Services

About Us

We are a privately owned shipping agency for international transportation, made with a by a professional staff of qualified executives who are trained to offer the best alternatives and solutions to attend our customer need in regards to vessel´s port operations and transport your cargoes through our experienced brokers.

We are a logistics provider, able to fully meet the requirements of our customers. Our commitment is to find and use the most efficient alternatives in the ports we cover and in the complex and competitive process of moving transporting cargo, generate an optimal, reliable and high-quality service to play the role of facilitator in the international trade operations of our customers with the urgency response times and seriousness they deserve.


Our scope of services include:

Liner representation: We also offer the service of shipping line representation. Since January 2013, we serve as the exclusive representative of YANG MING LINE in Colombia, handling the commercial offer, operations management and shipments control in our local ports.

Maritime Agency: We provide maritime agency services in Colombia, Venezuela and Panamá, developing strategic relationships with local agents in order to provide custom made services per shipment, getting to manage and comply with local regulations in full and looking for service improvalement every time a shipment comes to our care.

Chartering / Brokerage: Our strong network of ship-owners and professional brokers provides the opportunity to explore different alternatives and resources for customers to improve the logistic chain with competitive rates. In addition, through our sister companies, we also offer integrated logistics solutions.